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Thirst, 20th annual "Clay on the Wall" exhibition

Porcelain flowers, steel wire, unfired red earthenware, 8 ft. in height by 7 ft. in width, 2013.

"Thirst" is part of a series of works that I have created to focus on the waterways and watersheds in the US. This piece foucses on the rivers in Texas, and uses undired red earthenware clay to create the map of the river systems, and porcelain flowers with water-blue glazed interiors to signify the importance of this resource to the population centers in the state. Cities are symbolized with different numbers of flowers, depending on the population of each urban area. A total of approximately 160 to 180 flowers were used. "Thirst" looks at the use, reuse, and recycling of this precious resource, while also acknowledging the drought that has gripped parts of the state for a number of years, and that issues of water rights will become more promient as the population increases in the state.